How To Fix A Dvd Or Cd Drive Not Working Or Missing In Windows 10

You can run wsl.exe –install to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux with a single command—no manually enabling operating system components first. The “DiskUsage” command will let you view and query disk space usage on the command-line. You can see detailed information about how much space each subfolder is using under a drive.

  • During the reboot, Windows will display the “Select an Option” screen.
  • Then, in the new window, it will ask you to enter the port number that the tool will use.
  • Another method that you can try is to empty the Recycle Bin timely.

On computers infected with malware or crashing because of buggy drivers, Safe Mode may be the only way to start the computer. Restart Reboot your PC and it will automatically start in the safe mode variant of your choosing. The PC will reboot, and you can repeat the steps of the previous method from the system reboot.

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For that reason we don’t recommend buying Windows 10 keys from individual sellers . These non-Microsoft websites have varying return policies for software key purchases. While Kinguin seems to have an open return policy, we’ve seen reports of the service being too slow or the company insisting on replacing the key instead of refunding it or vice versa.

So the other effective method you can try is to free up hard disk space. If you’re still having issues with Windows 10 freezing, it’s probably a good idea to backup your data and do a clean install of Windows 10. It doesn’t take a lot of time and if you have the latest version of Windows 10 installed, the feature is now built right into the OS. You’ll want to check out my posts on diagnosing problems with memory and checking your hard drive for errors. Also, you’ll want to access your BIOS and check to see if there is any kind of hardware test you can run from there.


Do you know for sure whether your account is an administrator or standard account on Windows 10? And have you mastered the way about how to change from standard user account to administrator? For many users, you may someday have the very need to change user account type. Not only change to the administrator but change from the local user account to Microsoft account on Windows 10. The Administrator account is hidden and disabled by default in Windows 10 to prevent malware or unauthorized people from making system changes.

Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode From download msvcr120_dll The Login Screen

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